Hydration Hair Care Specialist,

MR Jerry

Specializing in The Scientific care of Hair;

Natural, Chemically Relaxed, Color Treated & all other Texture's.


The Belmont Takara Hair Steamer
This piece of equipment is the finest  in the salon industry, engineered for specific purposes  1).
    To give clients the  healthiest hair possible and 2). to give the client an amazing Salon
      experience, while getting them in and out of the salon in record time.

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Some Alternative looks for bad hair days,
Let me tell you how.











                Put Your Hair on a Healthy Diet of

  " Let me Steam processing your texturizer, Relaxer, Color or Steam Hydrate your Conditioner and Steam Styling your finish look."












           "If your hair is not becoming to you, you should be coming to me."

How long does it last?


                                  _________________________________________________________________              More Care free all weather looks.                                 


The Seam is the difference

All models on this site are natural (No chemicals) except where indicated.

The Belmont Takara Steam Processor was introduced to
 the Hair industry in 1998 and have been the key to MR Jerry's 
reconstructing his clients damaged hair and delivering  chemical
 services with the up most

The Bel master

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Put your hair on a healthy diet 

All recipes from;

Mr. Jerry's Kitchen





Steam Processing


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Text: 757 567 3474 24/7 for the earliest available Appointment.


Ask for "Today's Special"
New clients only
Thursdays and Fridays.
Touch up, conditioner, trim & style only $69.00
Secure appointments only.

Let me Steam process and stream style your Perm today. 

The Affirn Perm.

Hydration Hair Care

Steam Conditioning and Steam Styling Hydration service
      starts with 21st Century equipment that is technologically
      engineered for specific purposes. "(1). To give client's the
      Healthiest Hair Possible and (2). to give the them an amazing Salon
      experience, while getting them in and out of the salon in record time.

The Belmont Takara Steam Processor was introduced to
 the Hair industry in 1998 and have been the key to MR Jerry's 
reconstructing his clients damaged hair and delivering  chemical
 services with the up most

All models on this site are natural (No chemicals) except where indicated.

Flex rod set.



All Natural, Steam Styled         

Virginia Beach Award Program
Email: Public relations@awardprogram.org

As seen in,
 VOGUE Magazine, "A  fine color Salon."
"One of the Best 100 salons in the U S" says,ESSENCE Magazine.
BE Magazine, "A favorite salon."     

                                  The MYTH is exposed !!!

                                                          Good news! BLACK HAIR AMERICA!
The "you can only shampoo your hair every two weeks," myth have been exposed. Its a MYTH. This 34 year career triple licensed, Cosmetologist, Cosmetology Instructor, and Certified Barber have researched this MYTH for more than three decades, Scientifically, Clinically, Ethnically and Academically without amy official reference of this myth.


We will only add moisture and STYLE.

       The model above and all models on this site styles are finished
              using distilled water and the ceramic flat iron. The author invented
                this technique in 2010 when it became clear how much better jeans
                   pressed out and felt with steam rather than pressing them rough dry.
                     Cotton jeans are a mass of cotton fibers woven together to make denim
                 cloth, as curls are a collection of hair fiber pressed together with the
 flat iron to form curls or a style.



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8 am to 5:30 pm      
  Appointment deposit required
for Monday appointments.
8 am     5:30
 WED:  8 am     until
 THUR:  8 am     until
 FRI:  8 am     until  
 SAT:  8 am     until  6:30 pm
 SUNDAY          Closed

The prices listed on this site applies to clients who have maintained
 reasonable good hair care by professional standards,
regular shampooing, conditioning and trims hair
status outside of these specifications will be
 billed according to the additional services required.
Trim or cuts strongly suggested when neglected
or abused hair affect the finished look,
The salon is not responsible for the
 final look when the client does not follow
processional recommendations.  


                                                                                  The steam is the difference.



I realized I was on to something huge. I have not witnessed  a  technique or product over my twenty plus year career their have produced anything near these results.
    This technique combined with my computerized steam processor of
 your conditioner leaves your hair saturated with moisture. When you go outside your hair have no need to pull moisture from the air because   your hair stands are filled with it. The cutler’s seals the moisture in when the Ceramic glides along your hair shaft taking out the excess water and producing the results you find on the models on this site.

    Upon first look my clients are spooked thinking their hair is greasy because of the radiant shine, and   satiny appearance, then they feel it "oh it's not greasy!!"

    This technique inspired me to search for a way to wrap natural hair considering it is not possible to roller set wet natural hair and produces a smooth texture as is required for the Wrap.
 This quest led me to my latest invention in 2010, The Dry Wrap worn by the model above. The dry wrap only takes ten minutes under my circular air Quick Dryer opposed to a traditional dryer.
      Because of the over whelming request from my relaxed clients I adapted the dry wrap process to accommodate my chemically relaxed clients hair with very pleasing results. My Clients prefer the dry over he silk wrap by one hundred percent and its a better price value.
    All services are administered in a newly designed private space setting filled with the finest high teach  Salon equipment and tools in the world with  your favorite gospel or smooth Jazz cut  occupies the back  ground. This is not just a Salon visit its a Salon Experience.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The last nozzle you 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      will ever buy. 



Suite # 104

Founder. Owner

                                                                                                                              Jerry L Rogers

Licensed Cosmetologist, Cosmetology Instructor and Certified Barber.

 This decorated Marine Corps Veteran with more than thirty years of service in the Hair industry have six hair industry related inventions to his credit.His career stretches from a deployment in Vietnam, Mental Health,Administrator,entrepreneurship,inventor,Cosmetology instructor, cosmetologist,(a scientific approach)and Barber. His hair care inventions include but not limited to the drink Butler, the limited mobility service gear shield , the mobile all purpose styling chair, the Dry Wrap and the Steam styling System.
The salon have been listed in three major magazines.  



  Another proud client


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  Phone or Text: 7575673474
  Email: jerry@mrjerryshairsalon.com

 TUE.  8 am     until
 8 am to 5:30 pm      
  Appointment Deposit Required
for Monday appointments

 WED.  8 am     until
 THUR.  8 am     until
 FRI.  8 am     until  
 SAT.  8 am     until  6:30 pm
 SUNDAY          Closed
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Monday's and all appointments between 6::30 P and 7:45 A require a
 nonrefundable appointment reservation deposit or prepay.

Images of credit cards

The prices listed on this site applies to clients who have maintained
 reasonable good hair care by professional standards,
regular shampooing, conditioning and trims hair
status outside of these specifications will be
 billed according to the salon posted prices.
Trim or cuts strongly suggested when neglected
or abused hair affect the finished look,

The salon is not responsible for the
 final look when the client does not follow
processional recommendations.  


FHI Heat Technique G2 Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Styling Iron, 1 3/4

Phone: 7574139800
Text: 7575673474

  No more scorched or burned hair.



Introductory Relaxer Sale
New clients only
Thursday and Friday

Ask for "T
odays Special" 

Relaxer, leave in Conditioner, Trim
and Steam Styled

Only  $69.00
Secured appointments required.

Steam conditioner $12.00 additional

Any additional
required or requested

 services will be billed accordingly.

Trims are 1/2" or less.




The prices listed on this site applies to clients who have maintained
 reasonable good hair care by professional standards,
regular shampooing, conditioning and trims hair
status outside of these specifications will be
 billed according to the additional services required.


  Steam Flat Ironed Styled with water.
                                                    Color and flex RodSet


FHI Heat Technique G2 Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Styling Iron, 1 3/4




The steam is the difference

The finish.  


Transition with a Bang


The prices listed on this site applies to clients who have maintained
 reasonable good hair care by professional standards,
regular shampooing, conditioning and trims hair
status outside of these specifications will be
 billed according to the additional services required.


(now in Chesapeake) 

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1404 Battlefield Boulevard North # 104
Chesapeake, VA 23320 

7574139800 Text; 7575673471

There is a ROSE in you.


  The Dry Wrap,. Your Rose.


                                                                                                   Strand to Strand




call   7574139800
text   7575673474
email Jerry@mrjerryshairsalonan id=" id="RadESpellError_4">mrjerryshairsalon.com

   Bring me your natural hair issues long hair, tangles, tender heads,

No Pain. No Tears. No smells of burned hair.


No Tears No Pain.


No more  pains, tears,  salon harrow stories or odors of burning hair associated
 with the process
of silky shiny straight hair beyond your imaginations.. 


No more pain or tears
FHI Heat Technique G2 Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Styling Iron, 1 3/4

                   No more scorched or burned hair.
          FHI Heat Technique G2 Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Styling Iron, 1 3/4
Steam Styling
No more  pains, tears,  salon harrow stories or odors of burning hair
associated with creating
straight silky shiny natural hair beyond your imagination..

Mr Jerry's 2011 Invention
 "The Dry Wrap"
How long does it last?

This first and third generation Clients are returning for their 2nd and 3rd week Appointments visits.

The life of your Hydration style is affected by your life style,  Climate, medical and other existing conditions.
Note how well the usually resistant gray does.


The Affirm Perm

The Gray Fox        



Click here to find me

Site Map Location


My circular air Hair Dryer, dries your hair 40 % faster than conventional hair dryers,
       in the comfort of the warm circulating air.

No more hours under the dryer for you Wrap, It  have reduced the dryer  time to 10 minutes.


Put your Hair, Skin and Nails on a Jojoba Oil diet.



It's Color time.

   "We steam process your color."

Rich 100% of gray covered

Steam styled


                                                            Let me color your Brows

Match your Bows to complement your hair. 


The Affirm Perm

Steam conditioned, steam Styled

Shampoo, conditioned, trimmed and steam flat ironed styled



Loc it up

Comb twist
Locs are more than just a fad or fashion look "they are a life style"

through cultures dating back through Africa to  Ancient Greece.

Comb twist


There are many reasons why Locs are worn from Ancient Greece through Africa, cultural, convince  and to make a fashion statement.
         Cost is base on the condition, phase of Locs and  service requested or needed.
prior consultation suggested.
                  pin it up


                Short Sculptured Razor               

A wet razor cut to blend this models natural Androgenic
alopecia  patterns to her facial features and bone structure.   


Affirm Perm


Your Steam conditioner and press holds for weeks.

Color is the sign of life


On sale

Single shade $35.00

from here

                                          After taking out braids. and it looks impossible?                 
         Call 7574139800
           to here

                                                        All natural, Steam makes the difference.




" The 2012 Best of The Beach" Is now in Chesapeake.

Building 1404       Suite #104
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                         Inside The "Salon Masters" Building 1404

Next door to the mattress firm

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Suite #104



Appointments are available when you are..

Images of credit cards


I initially created the Hydration Process for non-chemically treated natural coiled (kinky) hair. I realized this process left natural coils straighter, silkier, softer and with a satin feel beyond my imagination. Pressure mounted from my relaxed clients asking, "Why can't my hair look like that?". I began experimenting with the process on chemically treated hair. I found healthy chemically treated hair responded well to the Steam Styling Process, as Simone pictured here. If there is a notable difference, it's in the slightly different feel of the relaxed hair.

On my regular long time relaxed clients, we  have noted a remarkable improvement in their overall hair's health with the Steam Styling System. Simone is relaxed with a new generation relaxer. The newer generation of relaxers leaves more of the hair's natural properties in tact during the relaxation process. This allows sway movement and a more natural appearance as you can observe on Simone's. This leaves the hair with more natural texture allowing the Steam Styling Process to mimic the finish of the steam processing of natural hair.

We steamed processed Simone's relaxer, followed by steaming her post perm steam conditioning. Then we steam flat ironed curled her hair DRY WRAPPED it. The dry wrap process takes only 18-23 minutes under my New Quick Dry Circular air Italian dryers. The results are here for your judging.
 PH: 757 413 9800 Text: 757 567 3474 




      MR JERRY'S HAIR Suite

                Color is on sale 25% Off.
                     Our internet COLOR Special.
                                    Single shade


                                      Reg. $48.00
                                                                single shade     
                                         With Code 3599
                                          Code must be given @ the time your appointment is made.



                                                         Color is 30% Off, $35.00 (Single Shade only)
                                                                                          regularly $48.00





Inventor of the; 
Steam Conditioning, Steam Styling and Dry Wrap System
 for Natural and and Relaxed

MR,Jerry L Rogers; Founder/ President of Shear Elegance Inc. dba; MR JERRY'S HAIR SALON. A Certified; Cosmetologist, Cosmetology Instructor and Barber.


Danielle a Navy Sailor regularly maintain her natural locs with regular shampooing and
condoning with the appropriate natural hair care maintenance Products. This works for her
while caring out her duties of serving our nation. When its time to let her softer side show,
our Hydrating conditioning and styling or Dry Wrap System works for her.





                                                                                                                                                                              The dry wrap


The Finish 

 No chemicals, no grease, no stiff stuff.
here are somethings on the internet that are true." 

This Package is $110.00

On Sale





Hydration Reconstruction, trim or cut, steam
 flat ironed styled and dry wrapped. 


New Clients Only

A touch-up relaxer Steam conditioner, trim and steam style
Only $79.00

  PH.757 413 9800 Text: 7575673474







Our Internet Color Sale

single shade Permanent color

reg. 48.00






      Willie Marrow Blow Dry Nozzle

   $12.95 ea. Two for $25.00

 All engineered and designed in America by minorities
 who understands their purpose first hand

                                                             The wrap Kit


                                                                             Price List

    The prices listed on this site apply to clients who have maintained reasonably good
hair care by professional standards, i.e., salon visits every one to three weeks or
 equal home care. Clients falling outside of this level of care may be billed more

                                                                                      Active Duty Military Discounts

Active Duty Military discounts up to 25% off regular prices.

25% Monday and Tuesday

15% Wednesday and Thursday

10% Friday and Saturday

If you qualify for my military discount, you must
 show proof before your service starts.

No Exceptions

Call: 757.413.9800

Text: 757.567.3474


Specials & Services
Our Introductory Perm Special

New Clients Only)

A touch-up relaxer, steam conditioned,
trim or cut, and steam-styled.

Monday—Friday $80.00

Saturday $86.00




Except for bundles and special services,

Trims or cuts are strongly recommended when abuse, neglect or
 damage to hair adversely affects the finished look.

Please present any questions before we start your service.


Touch up Relaxer Maintenance Bundle
touch-up steam condition trim and style

Texturizer (to relax your natural curl) (from) $79.00

Wave Nouveau Body Perm Touch Up $119.00

Affirm Body Perm Touch Up $154.00 (over 90 days = additional fee)

Special requirements may apply. See section below on Special Requirement Fees.

Color Services

Our "Introductory" Special—Single Shade $35.00

(All services are Steamed Processed)

Consult with stylist for Natural Hair
color application.

Permanent (single shade) (from) $42.00

Additional shade blends (from) $8.00ea.

Long-lasting Demi-permanent from $38.00

Hi-Lights (single shade) (from) $19.00 per panel

Double applications (or full head) from $49.00

Color Test (from) $15.00

Low Lights (from) $46.00

Eyebrows (signed release may be required) $28.00
 (with hair service), $34.00 (without hair service)

Hair Cuts & Trims

Trims (from) $18.00

Precision, Razor or Texture (from) $36.00

Design Cuts (from) $28.00

Special Designed Signature Cuts (from) $34.00

Eyebrow Arch, Beard Trim $14.00

Hydration Treatments & Conditioners

Chemically-textured hair (from) $18.00

Our steam treatments are guaranteed to fix
 immediately your hair problem.

Non-Steam $10.00

 Steam maintenance (from) $18.00

Permanent color, moderate damage (from)$20.00

Shedding, moderate breakage (from) $22.00

Clear gray (from) $13.00

Remove medication, build-up (from) $18.00


Weave & Wig Services

I can take that out of the package look from  your Wig, and
 make come alive with movement and life.

Cutting and design services are
 priced according to request.


Special Care for Neglected & Abused Hair and Scalp

                                                            Applies to all categories of service.

Pre-protein treatment $18.00

Severe flakes lifted (from) $15.00

Extra shampoo $17.00 per application

Hazardous disorders of skin or scalp (from) $6.00

Prep for service (after braids, Locs,
Sew-ins or severely neglected hair)

Our work, no charge

All other: $1.30 per minute


Special Requirement Fees

(From) $14.00 each

Hair over 12" and very thick

Special Processing

Corrective Cuts

Special Designs

Rod Sets—Strawllers


Permanent (from) $45.00

Semi-permanent (from) $35.00

Our Transition to Natural Special

                                                      Our Introductory Special

Shampoo, steam conditioner,
trim and steam silk-styled:
 Only $79.00

Natural Hair Care Services

Except for bundles and special services,
 natural hair care services are priced separately.

F.I.P. (Flat Iron Press) with steam styling finish

Shampoo/Cleaner $17.00

Dry Wrap (from) $20.00

Trims (1/2 inch or less (from) $18.00**

Cuts (from) $22.00**

Design signature cuts (from) $32.00**

Texturizer (from) $79.00

Locs, Twists or Dreds $39.00 per
 hour or $0.65 per minute

Starting and maintenance, preparation
 Loc services are separately priced.

Shampoo, leave-in conditioner,
 edge up (hairline only) $37.00

 With Steam Conditioner
 additional $12.00

 Comb Outs (from) $12.00

Rod Sets (from) $24.00
**Preparation processing additional fee, when required.

Natural Hair & Hydration Treatments

Maintenance Treatment (from) $17.00

Dry, damaged, colored-treated treatment $20.00

Severely damaged with breaking (from) $23.00

Leave-in Tx, (from) $10.00

Clearing Gray (from) $13.00






No you don't have to do the big chop at all or until you are ready. It's your personal choice. What you must do is insure your hair will not break at it's weakest point, where the old hair stops and the new hair begins.

If you are considering transitioning from a chemical Relaxer to natural? Among the many styling options natural hair offers, our latest invention Steam Conditioning, steam Processing and steam styling service is guaranteed to set you on the path to the healthiest hair possible.When you desire to see the real potential of your hair our computerized steam processor is the key component of our transitioning service process.
In addition to our steam processing your conditioner, we Steam Flat Iron press your hair with our ceramic irons. Our process renders your hair more beautiful than you can imagine. straighter than any other process in the world. We can provide you with the service  tools and skills to have the healthiest hair possible.



September 20012

This Second generation client currently enjoys a healthy head of Chemically relaxed hair, a few years after she developed a severe apparent gigantic scalp disorder (pictured below) as her mother did about twenty years earlier. Her apparent Genetics disorder was one of the most Severe this  recorders had witnessed during a thirty three year careers. She lost more than forty percent of her hair to the disorder.
We referred her to the now late DR. Katherine Treherne, Hampton Roads, Virginia, USA Who diagnose the disorder as Advanced Acute Subarea Dermatitis. We treated her biweekly with our best scalp disorders products and equipped her with identical products and encouraged her to add a treatment at home the week in between her biweekly salon visit. We have maintained the care schedule consistently with the results shown here, a thick healthy head of beautiful hair. Our steam conditioning, steam processing, New generation relaxer supported by a regular application of Our Pure Jojoba Oil Keeps this Senior Civil Service Employee Office fit to carry her weight on the Team

"Brings Us Your Hair Problems.

We'll make it look like it never happened."

Our Gold is Professionalism.

To present our clients with the hair care science to have the Healthiest hair possible at each level or phase of their Career, Lives or health condition.

November 2008

We worked on our clients scalp intensely in an effort to prevent more hair loss.

December 2008

February 2009

November 2009

June 2010

September  2012

Like it never happened.

Another Happy Client

" Appointments available when you are."
Tue. Through Sat.
Call 7574139800


4oz. $14.29 ea.
On sale in our on line store or in the Salon.

Home grown; processed and bottled in America.

“Jojoba Oil, Liquid Hair and Skin; The one thing all of our finished looks have in common is that eye catching radiant shine and softness produced by a few drops of our specially formulated Jojoba oil. The Jojoba plant produces a bean, the source of the only plant oil out of more than three hundred thousand plants capable of mirroring the natural proprieties produced by the human body that are key to the body's natural chemistry responsible for the health and quantity of the body's Keratin Protein. Keratin Protein are the key proprieties of which hair and skin consist. The Jojoba Bean from where the oil is extracted was discovered by Native American Indians. Jojoba Oil was a central part of Native Americans early Culture and the key factor in the Squaw's long beautiful shiny hair. Native Americans used Jojoba Oil to protect their skin and hair from exposure to the extremes elements of Winters and Summers in those early days of our nations beginning. Jojoba Oil was the first cosmetic on the Continent of America. The millions of Native Americans who inhabited the Continent prior to Columbus voyage, discovered the first known plant oil on the Continent, thus the first plant oil used for cosmetic purposes in America. In addition to using it as a cosmetic Native Americans used it for medical and light mechanical purposes.

(pronounced ho-HO-ba)

jojoba tree
Jojoba tree

  Natural golden jojoba

Jojoba oil - for use as a:

  • moisturizerMoisturizer – After dispensing any facial moisturizer onto your palm, try adding 5-6 drops of jojoba oil to make it into a super moisturizer. Flakiness will subside and the moisturizer will have an improved feel on your skin.
  • makeup removerMake-up remover – Since jojoba oil is not an eye irritant, nor allergenic, you can use it to remove eye makeup. It also easily removes foundation, blush, and lipstick.
  • lip balmLip balm – I use jojoba oil as a lip balm all the time. I just put a few drops on my finger and apply to my lips. Lots of lip balms tend to contain comedogenic (clogs pores) ingredients, so jojoba oil is a nice alternative. This is especially nice at night because, excuse the grossness, but if you tend to slobber when you sleep whatever you put on your lips will come into contact with your face. Jojoba oil is great for this purpose. As a side note, if you need major help with dry lips, pure petroleum jelly is non-comedogenic and works as well.
  • conditionerHair conditioner – You can mix a few drops of jojoba oil into your current conditioner or use it on its own. You can also add it to damp hair before drying. Also, you can add it to dry hair to promote shine. Jojoba oil also moisturizes the scalp, helping prevent dandruff.
  • shavingShave prep - Put a whole bunch of jojoba oil on your beard area beneath your shaving cream (lather from Acne.org Cleanser or other non-comedogenic shaving cream) for a more comfortable shave. This helps prevent razor burn and leaves your skin feeling nice and soft.
  • massageMassage oil – I got a massage recently and asked the masseuse to use jojoba oil. She said, “wow, a little of this goes a long way.” Plus I was able to enjoy my massage much more knowing that the massage oil was non-comedogenic.
Human Hair Extensions

                                            The Beginning



                                          The Process

                           The Finish

    " Appointments available when you are."
       Tue. Through Sat.
         Call 757413980


Should you choose to share with us.
Your information will not be shared with any other party or parties. It  is for the sole purpose of having  the best hair care  plan ready when you arrive  at the Salon. 


Service Desired:
Appointment Date/ Time desired:

CelluarHome: Other
The following information will assist  us in preparing  the best plan for your visit.

A  general history of your the last two years of your hair care styling and maintenance habits and schedule would be helpful.

Please include; All chemical services , tracks, weaves, hair extensions, braids, pony tails, natural natural styles etc...

To help us to better serve you please provide as much information  as you can remember.
                                                                           Security Code: *

                                                                              Type code here

  Initial Appointment or Special Services  Information

Please Note: Some individuals schedule appointments tying up our time, interfering with our efficiency, depleting revenue and overall reducing the quality of our service. Your appointment is our work. When a scheduled appointment is not kept, we do not work. It is the equivalent of one's payroll office reducing their pay by twenty to thirty percent for a day. We apologize for any unintended consequences this might present for you. We are left with no other choice except to impose a non-refundable appointment deposit fee on some initial appointments and services.   Your deposit amount will be Deducted from your service total at check out.

Please contact the salon staff before submitting your deposit for verification of the availability of the time you desire.

Thank you.

We cannot spell s uccess with U.Laughing

A. $25.00

This Deposit applies to basic services, Press (Flat Iron Press) shampoo  conditioner, style and
Blow-Out services.

B. $40.00

This Deposit applies to Flat Iron Press, conditioner,trim & wraps, Relaxer, and color.

C. $75.00

This Deposit applies to combination services, double chemical color, and F.I.P Flat Iron Press, Dry wraps and Steam Conditioner and style.
Comb twist, Tracks etc...

D. $100.00

This Deposit applies to Locs, Locs and Color Combinations. etc...
$1.50 Paypal processing fee applied  $3.00 Paypal processing fee applied  $4.50 Paypal processing fee applied  $6.00 Paypal processing fee applied 

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